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Sam PEjham




The answer may be a surprise YES! according to Joshua L. Kennedy, M.D., from the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville who along with his colleagues have investigated delayed severe allergic reaction that occurs several hours after eating beef, pork, or lamb in children 4-17 years old

LoneStarDrawing tick.  They also found that the majority of these cases had a history of tick bites that itched and persisted within the previous year. 


The tick in question is most commonly the Lone Star Tick (see photo) which is prevalent in Eastern half of US (see map).    The challenge is making the connection of an allergic reaction to ingestion of meet since the ingestion may have happened 4-6 hours prior (Delayed Allergic Reaction)

If you or your child have an undiagnosed allergic reaction (idiopathic Urticaria) , you have noted a possible pattern of such reaction after ingestion of meat (could be up to 4-6 hours after ingestion), and a possible history of a tick bite; be sure you have your blood tested.

The testing is done by looking for evidence of antibody against mammalian meat, also known as testing for IgE specific for alpha-Gal, beef, pork, etc.   For those individuals who test positive, a vegetarian diet (or at lease a mammalian meat free diet) will be the answer for their condition.

This Article is written by Dr. Sam Pejham.